1. Install IIS with all the required pre-requisites for CyberArk SFE
  2. Install SSL certificate on the default website (or any other website the SFE will be installed on)
  3. Install CyberArk SFE
  4. Make sure SFE is working over SSL without certificate error!!!
  5. Copy 'SFERestAPISampleApp\SFERestAPISampleApp' folder from the SFE installation folder to 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot' (default path)
  6. Go to IIS Manager (inetmgr)
  7. Select 'SFERestAPISampleApp' (under the Default website) and 'Convert to application'
  8. Assign the new application to the 'SFEWebAccessPool' (page 120 in the SDK implementation guide)
  9. Make sure the REST is working (https://<SERVER_FULL_NAME>/SFE/WebServices/Api.svc/verify)
  10. Open the sample app 'web.config' file and go to '<configuration>\<appSettings>' node
  11. Make sure to edit the 'SFEUrl' to the certificate URL so you will not have certificate error
  12. Browse the sample app (https://<SERVER_FULL_NAME>/SFERestAPISampleApp/)
  13. Try to upload file using the sample app (safe you are working with should have 'sharing' to SFEGWAccountGroup)