How we can connect to a Unix target machine using Windows Domain account that related to a Windows Domain platform via PSMP?


To enable the connection to a Unix machine with Windows Platform account via PSMP, you will need to do the following:

  1. Edit the relevant Windows Domain platform: Go to PVWA> Administration> Platform Management.
  2. Expend "UI & Workflows" section
  3. Under "Connection Components" add new connection component with "PSMP-SSH" id.
  4. Under the new connection component, add "Overwrite user parameters" and "PSMRemoteMachine" parameter (you can copy the parameter from PSM-RDP connection component).
  5. Click Apply and OK.

Now, you will need to use the following syntax to establish the connection:

For Putty: 

  • Hostname: <PVWA user>@<WinDomainAccount>#FQDN@<UnixTarget>.FQDN@<PSMPAddress>

For example:

Note: the connection is working with IP address also and not only with FQDN.

For SecureCRT:

  • Hostname: <PSMPAddress>
  • Username: <PVWA user>@<PrivilageAccountWinDomainAccount>#FQDN@<UnixTarget>.FQDN