How to change the headline(s) in SFT download page when the user is not already logged on (first screenshot) / logged on with the wrong username (second screenshot)? 



  • On the SFT Server, Navigate to the following folder:
  • <SFT Installation Driver>\OPSWAT\Metadefender Secure File Transfer\WebClient\assets\locale
  • Backup the file: locale-en_US.json
  • Open the original file: locale-en_US.json and edit the value(s) of the desired key(s)
  • Restart the "Metadefender Secure File Transfer REST" and the "Metadefender Secure File Transfer Helper" services
  • Example:
    • For the above screenshots, the relevant keys are:
    • Editing some of the values and restarting the services:

    • The download page(s) will look like this: